The eco-friendly business

What is ecoservice?

In full harmony with the philosophy of sustainable of EcoControl, based on the concept of "circular economy", Ecoservice arises as a distributor H24 of eco-frendly goods and utilities.
Ecoservice allow all the users to exploit the Ecopoints obtained by proper recycling of waste for receive the eco-goods. A practical and efficient system accompanied by the operators courtesy. The Ecoservice agent is a role with accurate duty: monitoring the service and the state of perfect maintenance.
Remember at the EcoService the user can spend the ecopoints from Ecoisola found in the area, this is the circular economy eco-engine.

ecoservice: How does it work

With Ecoservice you can use eco-points obtained from Ecoisola. You can use simple, pratical and comfortable services. Following services:

Work with us

Join the EcoControl family. Become manager of EcoService discovering the importance of being part of a circular economy. EcoControlGsm will give you the opportunity to follow specific maintenance training courses and ongoing management courses accompanying you in the first steps of your new adventure.

Management software

The software allows the Eco Service managers to monitor status and installed devices as well by using their smartphone. You can keep under control:

  • The liters of water delivered;
  • The cylinders consumption status;
  • The filter efficiency status;
  • Temperature and humidity;
  • The amount of distributed bottles;
  • The amount of distributed recycling bags;
  • The amount of distributed detergent;
  • Monitoring post BoX;
  • The Sales statistics;
  • Monitoring the video surveillance system;

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